The way of a startup business

06 Dec, 1397
Although there is no emphasis in the definition of startup on this issue, it is not necessary to focus on technology or information technology, but since many startups have been around these areas in ...

Web design workshops

The Engineering Development Co., which has been working on elevators since 1998 more
25 Feb, 2019
Augmented reality technology is one of the technology effects in the modern ...
16 Sep, 0776
One of the tasks of our team is the creation of an app, an example of which is ...

Domestic and foreign specialized exhibitions

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50,000 تومان
PII network services, if you want us to keep all ...
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Animation manufacturers

freelancer world

06 Dec, 1397
Sharing different project projects What you can do as an employer at your own price and the other as an executor at your own proposed price and in return for your proposed price.

Accelerated and Investor Companies

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